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Lighting designer Seth Bernstein's work has often met at the crossroads of art, entertainment, fashion, and luxury. 

“I think the through line running through my work is [using] thoughtful design to solve a problem,” says Bernstein. 

"I’m in and out of TV and events and concerts. I have a no-fear approach that ends up solving problems.” 

Bernstein says a guiding principle to his portfolio is minimalism and elegance—crafting designs that aren’t overly complicated and finding a clear way to tell a story through lighting. 


- Brian Mastroianni writing in Barron's

A veteran of the most fast-paced environments in show business—“Saturday Night Live” and the late-night talk show circuit among his many credits—lighting designer Seth Bernstein knows what it takes to get things done. 


"My job as a lighting designer for television is to be a little bit psychic, and see around the corners: hear the unheard, see the unsaid, and plan the lighting design in a way that gives the most flexibility with no room for error."

Casey Mink writing in Backstage Magazine

Seth is a member of NABET (National Association of Broadcast Engineers and Technicians) Local 11. He currently maintains residence in New York (Brooklyn) and LA (Mid City.)

When he's not working or traveling, Seth can be found jogging around whatever city/town/village he currently calls home.

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